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  • How to Stop Pop-Up Ads

    Frustrated with unwelcome Pop-Ups? As you know such ads interfere with online activities, and they make it difficult to close your browser afterwards as page after page will be left opened. What you may not realize is that Pop-Up Ads are more than an annoying nuisance; they indicate a breach in your online security. To stop Pop-Up Ads, PC Technical recommends three corrective actions that will enable you to (1) update your operating system for security, (2) change your web browser to one with built in filters and (3) install protective software. The result will be an ongoing multilayer defense that will stop nearly all Pop-Up Ads yet allow the use of Pop-Up Windows. (In contrast to these disturbing ads, Pop-up Windows are helpful. Web sites like this one use them for listed links so our visitors do not lose their place on the web.)

    1. To update your operating system, go to Download and install all Critical Updates and Service Packs. If you are running Windows XP, it is especially crucial that you download and install Service Pack 2. Service pack 2 includes several significant improvements, including a Pop-Up blocker. PC Technical suggests you turn on the automatic updates in your control panel to avoid future exposure to security problems.

    2. To change your web browser to one with built in filters, go to . Download and install Slim Browser by Flashpeak. This lean and efficient browser will block Pop-Ups as well as prevent undesirable sites from appearing on your screen. Slim Browser also gives you the option of making your own black list for objectionable web sites and a white list for useful Pop-Up Windows. Slim Browser uses the same engine as Internet Explorer, but it possesses additional security features not included in the Microsoft updates.

    3. To add protective software, go to: . You may download and install Ad Aware by Lavasoft at no charge. Ad Aware will search your entire drive and eliminate unwanted cookies and spyware whenever you run the program. However, PC Technical recommends that you purchase a registered copy of Ad Aware to obtain the added feature called Ad Watch. If Ad Watch is set up to open when Windows starts, it will work continuously to stop Pop-Up Ads and control cookies - especially tracking cookies. Ad Watch does an efficient job of eliminating unwanted cookies while preserving the valuable ones.

    If you have completed these three corrective actions, you have stopped Pop-Up Ads! Congratulations. You are now ready to take additional steps to deal with the spyware and viruses that usually accompany the problem of Pop-Up Ads. In fact, some types of spyware perpetuate the Pop-Up Ads in spite of the previous corrective actions. Please proceed to Spyware Prevention and Removal to discover the solutions offered by PC Technical.

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